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At Taylor-Made Strategies, we fuse science and experience to improve organizations.  Our work bridges the gap between the technical, hard-to-access academic study of organizations with the real-world issues you face every day.


Making Work A Place People
Want To Go

Our team uses time-tested strategies that have been shown to build trust, increase interpersonal risk-taking, foster inclusion, and make people want to come to work and contribute to their teams.  

Ways to Work With Us

Assess & Plan

We assess the current state of your organization to set a baseline, develop a customized strategy to drive culture change, and measure future progress.


We design tailor-made learning experiences that meet you where you are and help take you where you need to go.


We work with you to identify and leverage your top strengths to align your intentions with the impact you want to have.


Aisha Taylor | Ph.D.

As an organizational psychologist, Aisha brings over 20 years of professional experience to your workplace table, always ready to listen to everyone in the room. Her commitment to developing research-backed strategies is matched only by her care and concern for the colleagues and clients with whom she works in trusted professional partnerships that often last for years.

Bridging the Gap between Science and Practice

We use evidence-based, metrics-driven approaches in all we do, with a steady focus on measuring results, so you can not only feel the growth, but see and quantify it too.  Combining the scientific rigor of Organizational Psychology with the humanity and lived experiences of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) work, we know that making lasting, effective change requires leaders to build short- and long-term strategies. We assess the dynamics at play in organizations and create strategic action plans that make a positive impact, because we know that setting goals is one of the best ways to motivate people to act. Then, we measure the results of those actions, and adjust our tactics as needed, based on what we learn from you and your team. 

Read an excerpt from Dr. Taylor’s book chapter

On measuring Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) for a glimpse of this approach in one of our services: DEI Assessment and Strategy.

Making Impact & Cultivating Change

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Our Mission

We aim to foster excellence, justice, and joy in the places we live, learn, and work. 

With a foundation of knowledge in psychology, we know change happens at three levels: individual, group, and institutional. We work with multiple stakeholders to design strategies that help improve your organization at every level.  Turning ambitious goals into real outcomes takes commitment and strategic measurement of outcomes. We provide the assessments, expert consulting, and interactive training to help you get it right.


What Our Clients Said

"I want to offer an enthusiastic recommendation for Dr. Aisha Taylor and Taylor-Made Strategies. We approached Dr. Taylor about doing Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) training in our Department because although we have EDI as one of our guiding values, many faculty, staff, and trainees felt the need for structured training to help us “walk the walk” and to address concerns raised by various Department members. The training that Dr. Taylor and her colleagues organized provided us with knowledge and skills we lacked before. We learned how EDI needs to be integrated across multiple spheres of influence (i.e., the classroom, work teams, Department roles, everyday interactions), and were able to discuss and practice a variety of ways to build trust—a key building block to EDI. We developed measurable goals for the Department and devised ways to measure progress. Dr. Taylor used validated tools to assess our workplace diversity, knowledge, intent to act, and self-efficacy. We have seen changes in knowledge and awareness of EDI, as well as in self-efficacy and intent to act. A key challenge remains to continue translating knowledge and intent into action, but we have developed plans with Dr. Taylor to drive that process. Overall, I would say the training has had many positive benefits for the Department, helping us on our EDI journey while facilitating a greater sense of community."
Keith Owen Yeates, PhD, RPsych, ABPP, FCAHS, FRSC
Ronald and Irene Ward Chair in Pediatric Brain Injury
Professor and Head, Department of Psychology, University of Calgary
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